Prototype Build. First Look.

Engineers send pic of early stages of prototype build. I was so excited when I saw this. It’s all coming together.


Modus lll iPad Module

Nightmill Productions provides still shot from soon to be released new product animation video.


Modus 3 announces its confirmed attendance at the CEO Space Free Enterprise Forum Expo in mid December.

Modus 3’s Humble Beginnings

The garage-built first prototype.

…once upon a time

The Napkin Drawing. circa 2008

in 2008, information was channeled from the time-space continuum (a fancy way of saying who the hell knows where) to D.J. Sherman. It said mobile devices are going to advance faster than you can blink an eye. You must make it so the computer cases that carry them catch up.  And that better sameness is not going to cut it. You must make it 100 times better.

So D.J. sat down with his sister and did what those silly humans used to do in the old days, draw it on a piece of paper.