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Modus lll on Live TV

Check Modus lll being interviewed on a live video podcast at CES 2013.  They ask you questions and you either know the answers or you don’t. No pressure lol.

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Best selling Author mentions Modus lll in latest blog post

Our friend Bill Hibbler, best selling Author and time-tested social media guru, graciously mentioned Modus lll in his compelling blog post today that gives you the skinny on internet  marketing seminars.  

We highly recommend you check out Bill’s truly awesome book on Masterminding called Meet & Grow Rich.


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Modus lll Mystery. Case Solved.

Congrats to Joy Schlechter, winner of the Modus lll raffle contest grand prize at our 12/12 CEO Space Forum expo booth. Click the pic to see the video of her prize.
Joy Schlecther with D.J. Sherman at the Modus lll CEO Space Expo booth.

Joy Schlecther with D.J. Sherman at the Modus lll CEO Space Expo booth.

Our Modus lll Trade Show Booth at the CEO Space Expo

What a great venue it was.  Great people, great exposure and many good connections were made.

CEO Space

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